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Since 1983, Kit W. Harrison, Ph. D. & Associates has been providing leading psychological and neuropsychological services throughout the State of Texas and Louisiana.  Located in the Galleria and Tanglewood districts of Houston, Texas, the practice consists primarily of clinical evaluation and diagnostic assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults.  Referrals to a wide range of treating professionals are often made, customized to client needs, once the evaluations are completed, although some behavior therapy services are offered based on limited availability.  Specializing in neuropsychological aspects of behavior, the underlying developmental, brain-based and genetic factors associated with behavior are investigated using appropriate diagnostic procedures and instruments.  After obtaining relevant history and background information, psychological and neuropsychological testing is usually selected to address answers to important referral questions.  Harrison & Associates generally accepts clients only by referral or court-order. 


Although outpatient and hospital-based clinical assessments have been a mainstay of the practice for several decades, Kit W. Harrison, Ph. D. & Associates is a leading provider of forensic evaluations to Courts and other governmental agencies.  Forensic services address issues of mental health and the law.  Court-ordered child custody evaluations and neuropsychological aspects of behavior and learning in legal contexts have been foundational to the practice since 1986.   This includes standards of legal competency, insanity, capital murder, and a wide range of psychological issues confronting judicial professionals.  Parent-child relationship issues involving neurobehavioral problems constitute a large portion of referrals.  Contractual independent educational evaluations are provided for independent school districts around the Houston metroplex.  Forensic evaluations for medical practice and the State Board of Nursing are also provided at contractual rates.   Court-ordered evaluations on  juvenile respondents are completed for Judicial Courts on a routine basis. 

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